How To Choose A Translation Company The Easy Way

How To Choose A Translation Company The Easy Way

How To Choose A Translation Company The Easy Way

Choosing an English translation company isn’t an easy task, companies like Jonckers are a good place to start but particularly if you don’t know the language you need your documents translated into or from. This article shows you what you need to look for in a translation company, in order to ensure they are going to do a great job.

First of all, you should know that the best translation companies have their own websites in which they invest a lot of money and effort. This means that a simple search using your favourite search engine may bring you the expected results. Nonetheless, you will need to weed through the translation companies that will pop up in search, so that you can choose the best of them.

A company with many years of presence in the market is probably a good bet. The more experienced they are, the better the odds that their workers would have already tackled many jobs like yours. However, the accuracy of the translation depends on the professional who is going to handle your job. This is why you ought to check both the credentials of the translation company and the ones of the translator in charge with your project.

Checking the background of the company and their client portfolio is easy. Most probably, this information will be available on their website. If you don’t find anything relevant, you can always contact the translation company to ask for all the details you need to ensure they are as good as they claim.

In order to check the translator, you may have to ask for some specific pieces of work he or she has completed. If you don’t know the language in question, you may not be able to assess the quality of those translations. Nevertheless, what you can do is to ensure the translator who’s going to help you with your job is authorised and certified to do this type of work. Certifications are standardised, all translators needing to pass the same exams to earn them. If the company can produce the proof of certification of their translators, you can have the peace of mind that the translator is capable to perform at very high standards of quality. This should be enough for you to hire this specific company to translate your documents.

Before doing all this background research to pick the best option, you should screen the potential candidates by their activity. If you need to translate some legal documents, you may want to select only companies that operate in this niche. Moreover, if you need these translations in the relationship with the authorities, you may have to hire a translator who is authorized and certified. In some cases, the translation company can vouch for the translator, but you should check with your local authorities before hiring anyone.

If you need to translate a technical book, you should rather seek for translation companies that have a wealth of experience in this other area of activity. This is very important because each industry and area of activity has its own terms, which may be difficult to understand and translate by someone who is new to this field. They may be able to do a decent job, but they may charge you more, as they would need to undergo additional research. Furthermore, if they charge per hour, you may not like their prices, as they will require more time to do the work than someone who has many years of experience in that very domain of activity. As a matter of fact, you should probably search for someone who charges per page or per word, so that you can have an accurate cost estimate right off the bat.

While most purchases require the side by side comparison of several options, when it comes to translations, you may be just fine without it. Comparisons are nice, that’s for sure, but you can safely go for the first translation company that proves to be able to do the job you want to hire them for. In such situations, quality is far more important than price, so you should never let the price dictate your choice. Pick the translator who can do an impeccable job, particularly because you must trust them almost blindly.