Things you should avoid when learning English

Things you should avoid when learning English

English is the global language of the world. Even though many people do not admit it, it is a necessity that you know English. Proficiency in English is a must, wherever you go. Even though it is not a compulsion for you, it is a good thing to know a language other than the one that you speak all the time. If you are learning English, here are some things that you should know and these are the things that you should try and avoid when learning the language.


Avoid Demotivators

Every once in a while, when you do something out of the box, or when you do something for yourself, there are many people who are going to manacle you with many demotivating things. It is said that English is a very difficult language to learn due to its rules, pronunciations and the amount of sophistication required while speaking it. Given the fact, many people in the world speak English, which means many have succeeded. If they have, then you can too. Don’t get yourself down by listening to people saying that it is a very hard language to learn and you probably can’t do it.




Not practicing the language

Like every other thing in life, learning the language is not enough. You should practice speaking the language. For instance, just learning to drive a car is not enough for you to pass your test. You should take it out on the roads, deal with the traffic, and every other normal obstacle that might pop up against you when you are doing it for real. Similarly, you never know what questions you might face, and kind of an answer you might be getting for your questions. You must be prepared for a full-fledged conversation. If you practice it frequently, you familiarize yourself with the language and that way you gain enough confidence to speak in front of a bunch of people.


Comparing yourself with others

It is a well-known fact that everyone is different. Everyone has their own ways of learning something. Some might be more theoretical in nature while the others need some sort of practical assistance to grasp the concept of it. The major thing to talk about here is how different people have their own paces of learning something. Another person might be a level ahead of you. That does not mean that he/she is better at it. Everyone takes their own time to analyze something. Don’t get yourself down and keep thinking that they are better than you. What matters is how much you have worked to reach on your current level. If you worked hard, then you have nothing to feel ashamed of. Be proud of yourself.